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** Grip Frenzy SALE ** All Whiteline Parts 15% off - Code: FRENZY2024
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Ksport USA KONTROL PRO Coilover Suspension Kits

Ksport USA's KONTROL PRO fully adjustable coilover kits provide the ultimate in suspension technology for your vehicle, both on the street and at the track.

You can adjust your vehicle's ride height between 1-3 inches independently of the shock and spring travel. Set your desired ride height without worrying about bottoming out the shock.

36 levels of damping adjustment allow you to fine tune the damper to suit both your handling and comfort needs. The damping adjustment alters compression and rebound simultaneously, for more effective and user-friendly setup changes. Set the damping to full soft for a nice comfortable cruising setting for normal driving.

The front and rear pillow ball top mounts available for many applications with MacPherson type suspension feature Ksport's patented bearing design. The design helps combat noise while turning, unlike many other coilovers on the market, while also improving steering feel and response. On applicable models, the pillowball upper mounts offer camber adjustment as well, which is helpful for when you need to dial in your camber for vehicle alignment purposes. It also eliminates the need for a separate specialized camber kit.

The Ksport system uses a Monotube design, with oil and gas separated in the cylinder. When compared to twin-tube construction, the monotube design will dissipate heat faster and more evenly, which allows for finer damping adjustments. Issues like aeration and cavitation are much less common in a monotube design, resulting in a more consistent ride quality.

Lastly, most components including mounts, collars, and spring perches are designed from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum resulting in lightweight, durable, and rust resistant components. The steel shock bodies are electroplated with zinc to resist rust and protect from the elements. Kits also include an anti-rust paste packet that can be added to key areas of the coilover for added protection.

The Ksport KONTROL PRO coilover system has been designed with professional road racing in mind, offering extremely high value and performance for any application.


  • 36 levels of adjustable damping (compression/rebound simultaneously)
  • Made from high quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum for increased hardness, durability and rust resistance.
  • Adjustable spring perch for approximately 1-3 inches of height adjustment.
  • Adjustable body allowing maximum suspension travel.
  • Pillowball top mount with up to 5 degrees of adjustable camber (available for many vehicles).
  • Monotube high pressure design to reduce oil leakage, cavitation and aeration.
  • Zinc electroplated shock body for protection from corrosion and rust.
  • One year limited warranty.

**features may vary depending on vehicle application**

Frequently asked questions about Ksport USA coilovers.

What are the lowering capabilities of the Kontrol Pro coilovers?

Most coilovers will allow you to lower your vehicle between ½ inch to 2 ½ inches below stock. For some models you are able to lower as much as 3 inches, but it depends on the model.

Is a super or extreme low version of the coilovers available?

We do not offer super or extreme low coilovers. If you are looking for that much lowering, we recommend air ride/bagged suspension.

Do you offer any spring upgrades for the Kontrol Pros?

We sell replacement springs, however we do not offer any spring upgrades for our coilovers. Due to the type of rear springs on many vehicles, it would be difficult to provide alternative upgraded springs for all the models for which we offer coilovers.

Do the coilover springs need to be preloaded?

Please do NOT preload the springs. Zero (0) preload is preferred.

Which KSport coilovers are track specific, and which type of racing do they specialize in?

Version RR = Road races

Slide Kontrol = Drift setups

Asphalt Rally = Autocross

Gravel = Gravel rallies, dirt, ice, snow

DR = Drag Race series

Circuit pro = 3-way adjustable version of the RR (rebound and high and low speed compression knobs)

All advanced track series are special order, requiring the coilovers to be built and shipped. If you're looking to order a kit, please call us directly and we'd be happy to take your order.

How do I adjust the damping on the coilovers?

On the Ksport Kontrol Pros, and on all Ksport coilovers with non-inverted shocks, damping adjustments are made from the top of the coilover. Simply insert your damping knob and turn. Each click is 1 step of the 36-way adjustability. For a baseline setting, turn the knob until it stops and then turn it back 18 clicks. This is your baseline setting which should be used as a starting point when adjusting your coilovers.

On Ksport series with inverted shocks (GT Pro, certain Rally, and Slide Kontrol applications), the damping is adjusted from the bottom.

Do your coilovers work with an extended damping knob?

The extended damping knob is for certain cars. We recommend the flexible knobs as they work with any car.

Do the coilovers come with a warranty?

All Ksport USA coilovers come with a 12 month limited warranty against manufacturer's defect. For more specific warranty information, you will need to contact Ksport USA directly.

Is the warranty transferable?

Unfortunately a warranty cannot be transferred between different buyers.

What is the average size and weight of the shipping box?

The average weight of the shipping box is 55lbs, but it can vary from as low as 36lbs to as high as 75lbs depending on vehicle and application. All coilover boxes are 28 inches x 18 inches x 8 inches.

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