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Prepping Your Drift Car for the Track

Prepping Your Drift Car for the Track

Drift days are cool! If you are fully prepped of course.

You know the absolute terror that could come with prepping for a drift day. Having to get everything together and make those last-minute fixes can become such a pain. So, we have compiled a couple of tips and checklists that could help ease your prep. It’s definitely a big and fun day on the track, so we want to keep it that way! If this is also your first time at an event or drift day, these tips will be top-notch in getting you prepped, packed and ready to shred!

Study the Rules and Safety Requirements

Check with the club, event manager, or track management. Get their rules and regulations, and read them over. Doing this will save you a lot of stress because you'll get an idea of what you need, what you don’t and what might get you kicked out. We can’t stress enough how important this step is. The measures are there to save your life and must be abided by even if they might sound unnecessary. So please, check them out and adhere to them so you can continue drifting in one piece.

Car Preparations

Okayyy…. Probably the most daunting part of your prep. The machine itself! Make sure to check all your mechanicals: battery, engine, transmission, brakes, differential. Ensure your battery is tied down properly and there are no leaks whatsoever. Torque everything down and make sure everything is tight! Your seat, suspension, differential, wheels, brakes, tire pressure, and absolutely everything.

Your car would most likely get beat up so make sure it's prepared for that. If you can, it’ll be a good idea to take it for a quick test drive. Test your breaks, differential, steering, and all that good stuff! Also really important, make sure your car is healthy: check your fluids! Get a new filter and do an oil change. Double-check your coolant as well and make sure it's good to handle all the wear from the drifting and your car.

Lastly, take all unnecessary and loose stuff out of your car. If anything needs to be in there, make sure it's secured so it doesn’t go flying around once you start drifting.

Parts and Tools

Spare wheels and tires will be the first note in this category. At the bare minimum, bring a set of two tires in case yours get fully roasted while on the track. A fire extinguisher and extra fluids - oil, coolant, brake (if needed) are also good checklist items to consider.

As for tools, you’re going to need them. So, get your handy tool bag or kit and fill it up. Everything you feel you might need, grab it: torque wrench, floor jack, tire pressure gauge, box wrenches, hammer, anti-rust spray, jack, duct tape, zip-ties, axle stand. At best be overloaded with tools so you don’t have to start panicking and frantically asking around when your bumper falls off and you need something to fix it back up.

Personal Items

Lastly, don’t forget your driver license and your event tickets. It’ll be a shame if, after all your prep, you’re not allowed in because you forgot your ID by the cereal on the kitchen table. Grab a helmet as well as most venues require it but even if they don’t, it’s safe nonetheless. Still, on safety, it wouldn’t hurt to have a personal first aid kit on hand.

Also, pack up long sleeves (waterproof/wind resistant) depending on the weather. Most venues require that because once you start riding, it could get pretty windy pretty fast. Grab some food and snacks, WATER, WATER, WATER and did I mention water, yeah that too! Also, grab sunscreen in case.

Get a camera (obviously, memories!). You could also consider attaching a go pro or any other action camera to your windshield or the door of the passenger seat. Toss some extra cash in your wallet (just in case), get some chairs and a canopy if you need and have some fun!!!

And Finally, Attend the Driver’s Meet …

Especially if it’s your first time at the track, make sure to go for the driver’s meeting so you are fully aware of the rules and proper etiquette at the track. You also have a chance to ask as many questions and make as many clarifications as needed. That way, you know all the ins and outs and can stay on the right track! You’ll probably meet some cool people as well!

So there you go, those are our tips and checks to help you get prepped for your day(s) on the track. You can download a PDF copy of our checklist here and keep that handy if you’d like. Thanks for reading! and remember to Stay safe! Shred it up! and smoke some tires! 

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